Wing shooting in Scotland 2019

Wing shooting in Scotland 2019


Wing shooting in Scotland is one of the most frequent requests we get from our international clients and one which we are always delighted to assist with. There are various different types of wing shooting in Scotland, from wood pigeon shooting to driven grouse shooting, there is something to fit all budgets and preferences. Below are the available options, their seasons and locations etc. (in descending order based on price)


Driven Grouse 

Driven grouse shooting is the most exclusive option for wing shooting in Scotland. These small, upland birds fly very fast and low to the ground and are therefore for experienced shots only for safety reasons. Driven grouse is an exhilarating, unforgettable experience and a true Scottish spectacle. 6 guns minimum

We can offer driven grouse in Perthshire and in the Scottish Borders and a driven grouse day is  considered by many to be the pinnacle of all shooting in Scotland, this is reflected in the price.

Wing shooting in Scotland grouse



Driven pheasant & partridge

Driven pheasant and partridge shooting is probably one of the most traditional Scottish country pursuits. Not as expensive as grouse but with all the ceremony and excitement, a driven day offers a broad range of top-quality shooting for guns ranging from beginners (accompanied by minders) to the most seasoned expert shots. 4 guns minimum

Driven shooting takes place in the Scottish Borders, Perthshire and in the Kingdom of Fife and we can offer day ranging from 100 to 500 birds.wing bird shooting driven


wing shooting in Scotland grouse walked Walked up Grouse 

Walked up grouse shooting is a truly special type of shoot experience that allows serious hunters the opportunity to shoot grouse for a less hefty price tag than a driven day. As with driven, walked up grouse is for skilled and experienced shots only and is also only suitable to those who are very physically fit as the walking is very tiring. Although it is a tough day physically, the reward more than makes up for it by offering guests the opportunity to shoot this iconic bird in some of the most stunning landscape that Scotland has to offer. 2 guns minimum (occasionally we can cater for a single gun but this attracts a premium price)

Walked up grouse is available in the Scottish Borders and Perthshire



Walked up pheasant, partridge & mixed gamewing shooting in Scotland walked partridge


A walked up pheasant and partridge day represents probably the best experience to price ratio of all the types of wing shooting in Scotland. The variety of species on offer allows for a varied and interesting shooting experience with no two days being the same. We can provide mainly pheasant days in Perthshire or partridge focused days in the Scottish Borders with plenty of mixed days to be had across the Borders, Perthshire and the Kingdom of Fife.

The joy of a walked up mixed bag day is that, as well as pheasant and partridge, guests have the opportunity to shoot duck, geese, wood pigeon, snipe, woodcock, rabbit and hare (no limit on the wood pigeon and rabbit). 1 – 8 guns


Walked up woodcock shooting


Walked up woodcock shooting is rather unique in the wing shooting in Scotland woodcockpantheon of wing shooting in Scotland in that it has an extremely limited season and is limited to a few certain areas of Scotland. The woodcock arrive in Scotland from Scandinavia after the 1st full moon in November and the season runs until the end of January (technically 20th February but all shooting in effect ends on 31st January).

Woodcock fly in a uniquely challenging way, jinking left and right through the trees at high speed making them a quarry only for skilled and experienced shots, indeed getting a “left and right” woodcock (i.e. 2 consecutive woodcock in the same movement without reloading on a side by side shotgun) is something remembered and boasted about for years by those who achieve it.

We can offer woodcock on the Isle of Skye and the west coast, in the Kingdom of Fife and some (limited) shooting in the Scottish Borders. Minimum 2 guns


Wood pigeon shooting

wing shooting in Scotland wood pigeon

Probably the most accessible type of wing shooting in Scotland (both cost wise and in terms of being suitable for beginners) is wood pigeon shooting. Wood pigeon shooting takes place from a hide usually set in the hedgerow on the edge of a freshly planted or harvested field. As shooting takes place individually it is the perfect opportunity for a novice (with an instructor) to get practice at wing shooting. There is no closed season for wood pigeon but it is very weather dependent and it is recommend shooting takes place around either harvest time or when fields are being planted.

Although it is suitable for beginners wood pigeon shooting can also be an exciting day for even the most experienced shots, there is a reason they are often referred to as the “grey grouse”!

We can offer wood pigeon shooting in the Scottish Borders, Perthshire, the Kingdom of Fife and in Aberdeenshire. Minimum 2 guns


We are currently taking bookings for the remainder of this season and for the 2019 season but the diary is filling up fast so if you’d like have an unforgettable experience of wing shooting in Scotland then contact us today for more details. Visit out “Design Your Holiday” page or email