Grouse hunting in Scotland 2017

Grouse hunting in Scotland 2017

It’s the 12th of July so that means only 1 thing, we are 1 month away from the Glorious 12th, the beginning of the season for Grouse hunting in Scotland 2017! We have been practising our shooting quite a bit to be ready for the season, see below for a very short slow-motion video.

With a month to go the grouse season is looking promising, decent weather in the spring and a very sunny June / early July has meant that the grouse numbers are looking good for this year (after the dreadful disappointment of last year which was due to the heavy spring rain).

We have availability for single guns, for walked up as well as a few days here and there for guns to fill in on driven days. We also have a number of days going for full teams of up to 10 guns for driven grouse shooting mainly in the Scottish Borders but some also in Perthshire.

Get in touch today to book your trip, availability is going fast so the sooner the better but even if it is very last minute, if any one in Scotland can find some shooting for you it will be us!

Grouse hunting in Scotland can be quite challenging but with a bit of preparation you can ensure you get the most out of your trip. The 2 most important things are:

  1. Shooting practice – Grouse fly low and fast so it’s good to have had some practice before you come to Scotland. Find a clay pigeon trap and have some practice shots (called skeet shooting in the US I believe), see the video above for an idea of what to expect (although the trap in that clip is a little too high to simulate grouse properly)
  2. Fitness – If you are doing walked up grouse hunting in Scotland then physical fitness is a must, the walking can be very hard work so we advise getting fit before coming to Scotland in order to enjoy the day properly. Find yourself a few nice hills at home and get walking!

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