Pheasant Hunting Near Edinburgh

Pheasant Hunting near Edinburgh

pheasant hunting near Edinburgh

If you are looking for some conveniently located pheasant hunting near Edinburgh then here at River & Green we would be delighted to help you plan your trip! Email me on for more info

26/10/15 – Last week we hosted 3 American gentlemen for a few days pheasant hunting near Edinburgh in the Scottish Borders. In the past we have always recommended that our clients stay as near the shooting as possible however these gentlemen were insistent that they stay in Edinburgh city centre.

They say that “the customer is always right” and in this case they were absolutely correct!  For a week our clients spent their days pheasant hunting near Edinburgh and their evenings enjoying the bright lights and night-life of Scotland’s buzzing capital city.

Every morning at 07:45 I collected our American hunters from outside their hotel and drove them to the Scottish Borders for their hunting. By 08:40 we were in the middle of stunning Scottish countryside, guns in hand and ready for our day of pheasant hunting. By 16:00 we had 45 birds between 3 hunters and the day was finished, tired legs all round but 3 very happy hunters! From then it was a quick run back up to Edinburgh and I’m proud to say that by 17:15 I had our clients back in the city centre and comfortably ensconced in a speak-easy style trendy cocktail bar (its entrance is through a bookcase and from the outside looks like a barber’s shop, my favourite bar!)

This is beauty of Scotland’s capital city, within 20 minutes drive from the centre you are out of the city itself and with no sprawling suburbia to contend with, as soon as you get off the city bypass you are in the heart of the country side.

So why had we previously always insisted our clients stay in the country side? For us it was because we have lived and worked in Edinburgh for so many years and therefore have lived in fear of Edinburgh’s morning traffic ruining our client’s shooting experience however, with a few sneaky short-cuts and a carefully timed departure, you can go pheasant hunting near Edinburgh whilst at the same time enjoying the night-life of  Scotland’s fabulous captial.

So, should you stay in the country side whilst pheasant hunting near Edinburgh or Should you stay in the city itself? Well, it depends on what you are looking for; if you want to spend your evenings in a country pub then of course I would recommend the country-side, if however you are looking for a little bit more life then I would suggest Edinburgh. Are there any downsides to staying in Edinburgh? Well, yes there are two potential issues:

1) Although the drive should take no more than 1 hour 10, sometimes the traffic can get a bit tricky

2) Hangovers – The problem with Edinburgh’s night-life is it’s hard to just go home after 1 drink but then again, the same can be said for Scotland’s rural pubs!

If you are interested in pheasant hunting near Edinburgh the please feel free to contact me fro more information at any time on 00 44 131 202 6505 or email

Pheasant hunting near Edinburgh was written by Alex Pearson, bookings manager at River & Green