10 Best Activities For A Fall Vacation In Scotland (Fieldsports)

10 Best Activities For A Fall Vacation In Scotland (Fieldsports)

As providers of activity holidays in Scotland, specialising in fishing, hunting and golf, we are often asked for suggestions of what to do during a Scottish vacation in the fall.  So here are our top 10 picks of sportsmen’s activities in Scotland this Fall;

1] Walked-up grouse shooting on high heather moorland in the Scottish Borders
2] Sightseeing and hiking in the Scottish Highlands
3] Fly-fishing for Altantic salmon on the River Tweed
4] Hunting the mighty Red deer stag, the Monarch of the Glen
5] White-water rafting on the River Tay
6] Spinning for salmon on the River Tay
7] Explore Edinburgh, after the close of the Edinburgh Festival
8] Golf tour of the links courses of Ayrshire and East Lothian
9] Photographic tour of the beautiful and historic towns and countryside of the Scottish Highlands
10] Driven pheasant shooting in Perthshire

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So far, this summer of 2018 has been exceptionally warm and dry throughout Scotland. There are winners and losers when such conditions prevail. While the low river levels have spoilt the summer fishing, the consequence is that there are large numbers of salmon in the estuaries, just waiting for the rains to bring fresh water and stimulate the fish to run the rivers. The golfers have enjoyed lovely weather and the lack of rain has prevented the rough on the links courses from becoming quite as formidable as usual. The farmers are starting to harvest early and this has the knock-on effect of encouraging the wood pigeon to start coming in over stubble fields, providing superb sport for the summer and autumn shooter.

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With the weather cooling off a little and September being just around the corner, it’s only 2 days until the partridge season kicks off and it’s set to be an excellent one for anyone looking for a last minute trip. On top of that we are 1 month and 2 days away from the beginning of pheasant season so really we are just entering the best time to get something booked up for a fall vacation in Scotland.

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