Fishing on the North Coast 500

If you are looking for fishing on the North Coast 500 then the best thing to do is ask the experts, that’s us!

Ian Walls (River & Green Director) has been fishing all over this part of Scotland for many years. With his vast experience, Ian is uniquely positioned to design the best trip for  those looking for a once in a lifetime fishing vacation.

Earlier in the Autumn Ian took a quick road trip around the western section of the NC500 route to do some reconnaissance for next year’s fishing trips. Based on that quick trip, he’s put together a list of some of the best fishing locations.

Below and left we’ve made a short video of the route Ian took which encompasses the western section of the North  Coast 500 route.

On the right hand side below is a map with google map links to the fishing locations. We should say that the locations are not precise as Google, despite it’s infinite wisdom, doesn’t know the exact locations for the best fishing on the North Coast 500, that’s where River & Green’s expert knowledge comes in!

If you’d like more information on the best fishing locations on the North Coast 500, get in touch today and we can give you a few more details.

All our fishing vacations are tailored for individual clients, so just let us know your preferences for the type of fishing / accommodation / dates etc. and we’ll create a custom made itinerary for you.

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