There are many more than four good reasons to go fly-fishing in Scotland, but some reasons are better than others.

We at River & Green have been designing and delivering sporting holidays in Scotland for over 10 years. In that time, experience has taught us which things about Scotland make the most appeal to our clients. While for some travellers the holiday is all about the fishing, for others the fishing is the “icing on the cake” and the trip is just as much about visiting Scotland.

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fly fishing in Scotland

The History of Scotland

For many visitors, particularly those from the US and Canada, Scotland is their spiritual home. This is the country of their forebears and there still persists a deep-seated identification with the glorious history of Scotland. There is such a rich story to tell. A story of castles and battles, of loyalties and betrayals. This is the real country of Braveheart and Outlander.

The People of Scotland

The Scots are a proud and generous race, confident in the knowledge that we share a special place. We want to share that pride with all who make the effort to visit our country and fish our rivers and lochs. You can always rest assured that you will be greeted with smile in Scotland.

The Food & Drink of Scotland

Scotland is the home of the “amber nectar”, the “water of life”; Scottish malt whisky. Yes, you can savour the subtle tones of a cask aged single malt while relaxing at home in the US, but how much better it tastes when sitting on the riverbank watching the salmon leap! And its not just about the whisky, there’s the Borders lamb, the Aberdeen Angus beef, the smoked salmon and the Highland venison. Our chefs are amongst the best in the world, keen and able to exploit this fabulous larder.

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The Countryside of Scotland

For a small country, Scotland has a huge diversity of landscape. From the verdant rolling hills of the Scottish Borders to the rugged peaks of the Highlands, the snow white beaches of the Western Isles and the craggy coastline of the Kingdom of Fife. Take a week of trout fishing in Sutherland and you will see the very best of our iconic Scottish landscape.

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We are currently taking bookings for the 2019 fishing season so if you’d like have an unforgettable fly-fishing vacation in Edinburgh then contact us today for more details. Visit out “Design Your Holiday” page or email