Salmon fishing on the River Tay – May 2017

Salmon fishing on the River Tay

When salmon fishing on the River Tay, you really experience the grandeur of Scotland. The Tay is the longest river in Scotland and is second only to the Tweed as the most prolific of our Atlantic salmon rivers. By virtue of its size, the Tay presents two big advantages to the visiting fisherman.

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Firstly, you need never worry about low water conditions rendering the river unfishable. Even in the driest of months, as we have experienced this spring, there is always sufficient water to allow the fish to enter and ascend the river to Loch Tay and beyond. Secondly, the Tay is the only one of the Big Four rivers (the others being the Tweed, Spey and Dee) where spinning is permitted. On all of the other three major salmon rivers of Scotland, most beats only allow fishing by fly-fishing.

So when designing the itinerary for Italian clients Paolo, Alessandro and Antonio, none of whom had experience with the fly rod, the Tay was the natural choice.  Having booked up their trip back in January, we had no way of knowing how the spring weather would affect the river levels. As it was, the river was low… very low… about as low as we’ve ever seen it in May. But, this is where our experience and knowledge of Scottish salmon fishing comes to the fore. We booked the gentlemen onto the famous Dalmarnock beat. This is a very beautiful stretch of water with numerous holding pools along its almost 3 miles length. Under the friendly and supremely knowledgable guidance of one of the Tay’s very best ghillies, Colin McFadyen, the gentlemen managed 4 salmon in two days of fishing.

It just goes to show that in order to get the best out of your fishing holiday in Scotland, its essential that you deal with agents who have specialist knowledge of fishing in Scotland. We at River & Green have that local knowledge, experience and connections to grant access to the parts of the rivers that are not only suitable to the clients’ preferred method of fishing but which also offer the very best chance of catching the prized Scottish spring salmon.

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