Scottish Hunting Etiquette & Tradition.

Hunting etiquette in Scotland is based on a long history and tradition of safety and responsible conduct. While we fully respect the experience and knowledge of our guests, we urge them all to adhere to these basic rules of etiquette

  • Respect your fellow hunter and your quarry.
  • Respect the environment and the inherent dangers of shooting.
  • You should only load your gun immediately before shooting begins, as indicated by the gamekeeper.
  • Always follow the instructions of the gamekeeper or Captain of the shoot, without discussion and with good grace.
  • Guns should always be pointed either at the ground or in the air. Under no circumstances is it ever appropriate to point a gun at any person. This applies equally whether the gun is loaded or not.
  • While walking or climbing over fences, you gun should always be unloaded and broken.
  • Never carry different calibre cartridges together and always ensure that barrels are empty before reloading.
  • Never pass a loaded gun to another person.
  • Never swing your gun across the line of other shooters or beaters.
  • All game must be respected as a vital component of our countryside. As such, no species should be killed unless it is to be eaten or because it is a recognized pest. All game which has been shot, must be retrieved.
  • No shot should be fired until the hunter is able to identify the species as a legitimate target.
  • No shot should be taken unless the hunter is confident of making a clean kill.
  • No game should be shot at such close quarters as to render the bird unsuitable for eating.
  • It is customary to tip your gamekeeper. A sum of £20-30/day is generally considered appropriate.

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