Summer Holiday in Scotland – 2017 so far…..

Summer Holiday in Scotland

2017 so far…..

A Summer holiday in Scotland is without a doubt one of the best and most memorable, Scotland is truly a unique place to visit. With the wealth of culture, history, beautiful scenery and of course country sports, you are never short of activities when spending your summer holiday in Scotland.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for a small photos gallery of the summer so far.

So far this year we have had clients fishing for salmon on the Tay, the Dee and the Tweed with a good number of catches being recorded as well as a good few river-side whiskies being enjoyed! We have had out share of early hunters as well, with roe buck stalking taking place down in the Scottish Borders and in Perthshire as well as a number of clients who came over for the excellent wood pigeon shooting.

In fact as I write there are 2 clients shooting wood pigeon in Perthshire, 2 clients fishing for salmon on the Tay and 5 South African clients who have just arrived this morning but who’s summer holiday in Scotland includes roe buck stalking, golf, fishing and whisky tasting (to say I’m a little bit jealous is an understatement!)

The sun is shining (at the moment) and the summer has been wonderful so far (and we are only just getting started) with the bulk of our clients arriving in July, August and September.

Here’s a small selections of photos which include everything from fishing to roe buck stalking to walks in and around Edinburgh.