The salmon and trout season so far

It’s now mid June and we are roughly half way through this year’s salmon and trout season and it’s been a fabulous one so far.

The images below are our favourite two of the many we’ve accumulated over the spring & early summer. The two images are very different but they illustrate two equally important sides of salmon & trout fishing; one the intangible lure of being at one with nature in stunning surroundings, the other, the more technical but also artistic nature of fly-fishing as a sport.

Trout on the River Gaur

trout season on the river Gaur

Father and daughter team of Duane and Molly had an amazing day of trout fishing on the River Gaur.

The original request was for fishing in a remote and beautiful setting, on a river that offered the opportunity to take wild brown trout. True fishers, Duane and Molly had more interest in catching a decent number of trout in an unspoiled environment, rather than fishing a busy river or loch for stocked fish.

The weather was perfect; warm and overcast, and the river was at an ideal height. After walking out across Rannoch Moor, we picked up the river about a quarter of a mile from where if flows out of Loch Laidon.

Within the first few casts, the first of the beautifully marked, feisty brown trout took the wet fly and tore off down the pool. The day continued in the same vein. Wet fly fishing alternated with nymphing and dry fly. All methods worked and the day ended with over 20 fish each.

Salmon on the River Dee

selecting salmon fishing flies

Our Managing Director, Ian lends his advice on fly selection at the start of the day, salmon fishing on the Dess beat of the River Dee.

This was the first of four days of fishing; two on the Dee followed by 2 further days of the Gordon Castle beat of the River Spey.

Over the first couple of days, the water was high and rising, encouraging the fish to run with vigor, presenting very little chance of finding a “taking fish”. Fortunately, the rain eventually stopped and a fine fresh salmon was taken… sadly not using the fly selected by Ian!

Salmon and trout season 2019

We’ve hit the usual quiet couple of weeks that always come in the middle of June where we look back over the fishing so far and get everything ready for the next influx of clients in just over a week’s time.

We started in early April with a lovely group of American clients who combined a scenic road trip around Scotland with some wild trout fishing on the Guar and some top quality salmon fishing on the Earn.

Mid April saw the first big numbers of clients coming in and we were busy on our favourite river Tay beats for a number of weeks with various clients including groups from the USA, Germany, Italy, France and the UAE among others.

In May the salmon and trout season continued to be busy with clients dotted across the country on most of the major rivers from the famous river Tweed in the Borders, to the Tay in Perthshire all the way up to the river Spey. May also saw our pike fishing season kick off with lots of action happening on Loch Tay out of Killin as well as on the beautiful Loch Awe in Argyll in the west of the country.

In the last couple of weeks we’ve been on the Spey for quite a number of days as well as the Tay and last week we had a couple of excellent days on the Dee (picture above right) and we’ve been back to the Gaur for some really exhilarating brown trout days (pictured above left).

With only one week to go before the next group of clients we are busy planning for round two of this years salmon and trout season which kicks off on Loch Tay and the River Tay. From there we are busy for the rest of the summer with a small breather at the beginning of August before things build to what will be a truly epic September where we have more fishing booked in one month than we’ve ever had since Ian started the company back in 2008.

Despite how busy things are we still have lots of capacity for new bookings so get in touch today to arrange your dream fishing holiday in Scotland. Follow this link to contact us or use the enquiry forms below.

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