Big Game Hunting in Scotland 2024

Today marks the last day of the 2023 stag & buck season, which means we are now opening booking for big game hunting in Scotland for the 2024 season!

Red deer stags & fallow buck – 01st July 2024 – 20th October 2024

Roe buck – 01st April 2024 – 20th October 2024

(See this page for more details on the hunting seasons in Scotland)

We’ve already taken bookings for 10 days of big game hunting in September 2024, but the prime time dates for stag hunting during the rut (early to mid October) are still available, although they will get booked up very quickly!

We have a lot of open enquires for dates during the stag rut, so if you have been in touch regarding those dates, we’d recommend booking as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

2023 has been a fabulous hunting season with over 46 days of stag and buck hunting successfully completed.

We’d like to thank all our wonderful clients for entrusting River & Green with their big game hunting. Above, I’ve included a tiny selection of the best photos from this year’s clients on this page. Below are  few photos from hunting clients from previous years. For more general photos of hunting, fishing and golf in Scotland, visit our gallery page

For now, we push on with the wing bird hunting season until 31st January 2024 and the tail end of 2023’s salmon fishing!

River & Green specialise in creating full hunting / fishing / golfing itineraries and can arrange everything from the moment you land in Scotland to the moment you depart. All you need to do it book your flights and we’ll do the rest!

We can arrange borrowed rifles as well as all the paperwork to allow international hunters to bring their own rifles should they prefer. Please allow at least 3 months notice if you’d like to bring your own rifles.

If you’d like River & Green to create full vacation itinerary for you, fill in one of our “Design your Holiday” forms. Or for general enquiries, contact us by email on

We can also be reached by phone / WhatsApp on 00 44 7769 119 105

Scottish Big Game Hunting – FAQ’s

1 – What are the main big game species I can hunt in Scotland? 

The main big game species in Scotland are red deer, fallow deer, and sika deer.

2 – When is the best time of year to hunt these big game animals? 

The prime time for stag and buck hunting is typically in early to mid-October during the rut. The season for red deer runs from July 1st to October 20th, fallow deer from August 1st to October 20th, and sika deer from July 1st to October 20th.

3 – Do I need to bring my own rifle or can I borrow one? 

River & Green can arrange for borrowed rifles as well as assist with the paperwork to allow international hunters to bring their own rifles, but they recommend allowing at least 3 months notice if you’d like to bring your own.

4 – How physically demanding is big game hunting in Scotland?

Hunting red deer in particular is considered one of the most physically challenging forms of big game hunting in Scotland, as it involves many hours of steady uphill walking. Fallow and sika deer hunts tend to be a bit less physically demanding.

5 – Can you describe the typical daily schedule for a big game hunt? For red deer, the stalk typically lasts a full day from around 9am to well into the evening. For fallow and sika deer, the schedule can vary with either a full day stalk or separate morning and evening stalks.

6 – What is the accommodation and hospitality like for big game hunters in Scotland?

River & Green tailor every holiday to the needs of each individual client. We can offer everything from self-catering cottages, to 3 /4 / 5-star hotels, castles and exclusive use hunting lodges 

7 – Do I need any special permits or licenses to hunt big game in Scotland?

As long as you are accompanied by an expert deer stalker, employed by (or with the permission of) the landowner, you do not need any permits, so long as you are only borrowing a rifle. For hunters wanting to bringing their own rifle, see question 3. All hunts are accompanied by expert deer stalkers.

8 – Can you customize the hunting experience to my preferences?  Yes, River & Green can tailor the hunting experience to your specific preferences, whether you’re interested in a single-species hunt or a combination of different game species including deer, wing bird hunting and salmon, trout and pike fishing. 

9 – What is the cost range for a big game hunting trip in Scotland?

Prices for big game hunting trips in Scotland can vary, depending on the accommodation, the length, the number of guests etc. For the hunting element alone (no accommodation etc.), the cost is around £1,345 for 1 red deer stag 

10 – How does hunting in Scotland compare to other destinations like Argentina or New Zealand? Hunting in Scotland is priced on par with or lower than deer hunting in destinations like Argentina or New Zealand, and offers a unique experience amidst the stunning Scottish landscapes and rich cultural heritage.

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