Where is the best place for a Scottish Highland holiday?

Everyone has a different idea of what makes a perfect Highland holiday, so often it can be difficult to arrange a trip that has something for everyone. At River & Green we have been designing Highland holidays since Ian Walls (company Director) first opened the company back in 2008, we have placed clients all over the length and breadth of Scotland and we are proud to say that every part of this beautiful country has something unique to offer visitors.

About 50% of our clients have very specific wishes for their Highland holiday; from woodcock shooting on the islands, to trout fishing in the lime stone lochs of the north, we are experts in unique and we can cater for the most specific of country sports needs as well as the more traditional e.g. salmon fishing on the Tweed or red deer stag stalking etc. For the other 50% of clients however, the challenge is finding an area of Scotland that has something for everyone, a little taste of the whole of Scotland in one convenient location.

Often these sorts of questions are answered in vague generalities however, in this instance,there is a specific answer………………

A Highland Holiday in Perthshire

Simply put, a Highland holiday in Perthshire is the best choice for those who want to experience the best that Scotland has to offer; from the best hunting and fishing opportunities, to tourism, to whisky tasting, to shopping, to activities for the kids, Highland Perthshire has it all.


As you can see from the map (right), Highland Perthshire really isn’t very far away from the main entry points to Scotland i.e. Edinburgh or Glasgow Airport. Once you collect your rental car from Edinburgh or Glasgow airport it’s only a 1 hour 25 minute drive from Edinburgh or a 1 hour 45 minute drive from Glasgow to the town of Pitlochry which is the hub of everything Highland Perthshire has to offer.

Wing shooting

Around the town of Aberfeldy sits one of the best wingshooting areas in Scotland. Using a combination of 2 – 3 different estates we can offer a full week of wing shooting for pheasant and partridge where no 2 days are ever the same.

Highland Perthshire Highlighted in red …… very roughly

Head south and about 20 minutes  drive from Pitlochry and there is a second wing shooting area that hosts some of the most civilised shooting ground in the country. Located near the town of Dunkeld, the ground is less challenging but the shooting is of the very highest quality. We refer to it as a very civilised area as it is the favourite shooting ground of some of the most discerning guns in the UK, nowhere are you more likely to spend the day shooting next to a local Laird or international dignitary.


Gleneagles is probably one of the most famous golf courses in Scotland (after St. Andrews) and it is a must for anyone planning a Highland holiday that involves a few rounds of golf. Other notable highlights include Blairgowrie’s Rosemount course and Pitlochry Golf Club, but there re simply too many beautiful courses to mention individually so why not let us know what your preference is and we will design a bespoke golfing holiday for you!


A Highland holiday is not complete without a good dose of whisky, that is an undeniable fact.

Due to copyright issues we can’t put in any pictures of the distilleries in question so I’ll put the links below so you can see for yourself. The important thing is all of these are between 5 and 50 minutes drive from Pitlochry:

Edradour – (Scotland’s smallest distillery) – 5 minutes – Website

Blair Atholl Distillery – 3 minutes – Website

Dewar’s Aberfeldy Distillery –  24 minutes – Website

Dalwhinnie Distillery – (my personal favourite whisky, smooth and not too peaty) – 40 minutes – Website

The Glenturret distillery – (Scotland’s oldest distillery) – 50 minutes – Website


Highland Perthshire has lots of excellent shopping opportunities. There are small independent shops dotted around the area such as Dunkeld Smoked Salmon, The Perthshire Deli (best independent retailer in Scotland 2018) and James Crockart & Sons (gun & fishing tackle manufacturers) but there is one place that deserves a mention all of it’s own…….

The House of Bruar, Scottish country clothing specialist, delicatessen, restaurant, fishing equipment and sale shop. It’s hard to do justice to the amount of time one could spend here (with a decent shopping budget!) if one was so inclined, but suffice it to say its well worth a visit and there is a reason we always add it to every itinerary that goes through the area. Click here for their Website

If the thought of shopping leaves you cold but one of your group is very keen on retail therapy, then there is a stunning walk just behind the House of Bruar up to the Falls of Bruar. 30 minutes of moderate uphill from the car park produces some stunning views (see below) then it’s 20 minutes back down hill to pick up one the best pork pies in Scotland (my opinion only!) from the food hall.

Castles & miscellaneous

I began putting this together as a quick article to suggest why Perthshire might be the best location for a Highland holiday but, because of the breadth of things on offer in this beautiful area, it’s become somewhat longer than anticipated! With that in mind I will resort to a list to try and summarise some of the more general tourism opportunities the area has to offer.

Blair Castle

Glamis Castle

Scone Palace

Breamar Castle



Hill walking

Horseback riding


Highland safaris

Photography safaris

Ceildh dancing

Boat trips

The Scottish Crannog Centre

etc. etc. etc.

In fact there are too many to even list! Why not get in touch and let us know what your ideal Scottish Highland holiday would involve and we will create a personalised proposal to suit your individual needs.

Email me (Alex) or Ian (company Director) today, we would be delighted to hear from you!

Alternatively, go to this page to fill in one of our Highland holiday enquiry forms

Blair Castle

Blair Castle in Highland Perthshire taken on a clear and frost December night