Where’s the best place to fish for Scottish Salmon in 2020?

Customised Scottish Salmon fishing trips from River & Green.

When designing personalised Scottish salmon fishing itineraries for our clients, we need to consider many different variables. To name but a few, these include, levels of experience, whether clients wish to fish by fly-fishing or spinning, if they want to use single-handed rods or double-handed rods, the size of the group, accommodation requirements and dates.

For example, if a group of 6 novice fishers want to only spin for salmon during the month of October, then we must exclude those rivers like the Tweed, where only fly-fishing is permitted after the 15th September, or the Spey, which closes after the end of September. As a result, we must look towards the Tay, Nith and Annan. However, being shorter, smaller rivers the opportunities for finding availability for 6 fishers on the same beat on the Nith and the Annan, restricts the choices even further. So, by deduction, we settle on finding the best opportunity available on the Tay.

As our example group comprises novice anglers, we need to find a beat with easy wading and “forgiving” characteristics. We must also, very importantly, select the available beat that offers the very best chance of success during October. Thankfully, being such a large river, the Tay has parts of the river which fish well at all stages of the season. To know which parts are the best in the autumn requires experience and good judgement. This is where the personal knowledge of our staff is of prime importance.

But, finding the right beat is only a part of the process of designing the perfect itinerary. We now have to look at accommodation requirements, travel times and budget.

Generally speaking, we can pretty much always find a B&B, 3-star or 4-star hotel in close enough proximity to the fishing, but 5-star establishments and castles are much fewer in supply. It would be at this point, where some further discussion with the client may be required.

There is no one answer to the question of “where should I go to find the best Scottish salmon fishing?” There is however one good solution and that is to book your salmon fishing trip in Scotland through experts, like ourselves, who have the experience, commitment and knowledge to design the best, most balanced itinerary.

If you’d like us to design your perfect Scottish salmon fishing trip please don’t hesitate to get in touch, simply fill in the enquiry form below.