Red deer stag hunting available 2022

Although this summer / autumn is set to be one of the busiest on record, we still have some red deer stag hunting available over some of the best stalking dates of the year.

  • August 22nd – 26th
  • August 29th – 03rd September
  • October 03rd – 08th
  • October 10th – 15th – THE STAG RUT
  • October 17th – 20th

stag hunting in Scotland

The stag hunting we have available is located in Highland Perthshire near the small town of Aberfeldy and ranges all the way into the beautiful Glenlyon. The hunting is truly excellent and is suitable for all experience levels, although a good level of fitness is always required for a red deer hunt.

As well as being set in stunning Highland scenery, the stag hunting area we have access to has a great variety of ground which helps us deal very effectively with the Scottish weather. Hill fog, for example, won’t necessarily cancel a day as we have access to fallow buck as well as red deer stags, so we can stick to lower levels to avoid the fog if needed.

red deer stag hunting available Scotland

Now is the perfect time to book your stag hunting, indeed it’s best to get booked in now while we still have some stag hunting available as we’re taking bookings fast!

The Rut

While it’s impossible to predict exactly when the stags will start rutting, it is usually somewhere around the 10th October. As you will  have seen above, we happen to have stag hunting available over the rut this year, which is very rare indeed!

We also have the week before the rut available and it’s entirely possible the rut will have started by then. So even if you can’t make the week of the 10th October, the week before has the potential to be some of the best hunting of the year.

stag hunting available Scotlanddeer hunt Scotland

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Combined tours – Fishing, wingshooting, golf & stag hunting available

All the stag hunting we available can be combined with golf, fishing and wingshooting, within certain seasonal parameters. The combinations we can offer are:

August – Grouse, salmon, trout, fallow buck, roe buck, golf & red deer stags

September – Grouse, partridge, salmon, trout, fallow buck, golf & red deer stags

October – Pheasant, partridge, salmon, fallow buck, golf  & red deer stags

All our fishing, wingshooting and hunting tours are totally custom built for every client. So, if you’d like us to create a bespoke sporting tour of Scotland, or if you’d like further information about the red deer hunting we have available, we would be delighted to hear from you. Click here to get in touch or complete the enquiry form on the right hand side of this page.

P.S. We are delighted to say that all COVID related requirements for entry into Scotland & mask mandates have now been removed! Please see here for more details