Driven pheasant hunting in Scotland

Driven pheasant hunting in Scotland (or driven pheasant shooting as we call it) is one of the most sought after types of hunting there is, and for good reason. A driven pheasant hunt is the most traditional type of bird hunting you can get in Scotland. Usually combined with partridge, and sometimes with duck, the hunting is varied, challenging and exciting!

If you want the full Scottish hunting experience then a driven pheasant and partridge day is for you, it has everything you imagine a Scottish hunt should:

Gamekeepers in full tweeds (often matching tweed specific to the individual estate)

Teams of beaters, pickers up and more working dogs than you can count!

High flying pheasants

Fast flying partridges

Circling ducks

Full shoot lunch with your fellow hunters (often in shoot bothy)

Bird numbers from 100 – 350 / day

Stunning countryside

Various Scottish / British traditions such as drawing pegs and Elevenses etc.

At River & Green we are unique in that we can offer driven pheasant hunting in Scotland to groups starting from only 2 hunters. Most estates insist on groups of 6 minimum, but we work with some unique estates that will build full lines of guns from various client groups.

So, if you are a smaller group of hunters, then contact us today to get booked in, this is a service almost no one else in Scotland offers!

Traditional driven pheasant hunting in Scotland may be a bit different to any hunting you may have experienced before. Firstly the hunting takes place over private land, so you and your fellow hunters will have the area to yourself. Secondly, with everyone dressed in their traditional tweeds, it may look a bit different from anything you have seen anywhere else in the world.

River & Green hunting days

River & Green hunting days operate over some of the absolute best quality hunting ground the UK has to offer. The scenery is stunning, and the hunting is of a quality that is sought after by the most discerning international hunters.

Driven shooting in Scotland at this level is an experience that only a small proportion of visitors to Scotland have the chance to enjoy. From the gamekeepers and underkeepers in their tweeds, to the teams of beaters and dogs, every aspect of a driven shoot day combines to create a uniquely memorable and traditionally Scottish experience.

The day runs to schedule similar to the  below, although it will be slightly different on each estate and according to the time of year and the weather:

Example – Driven pheasant hunting in Scotland, for 2 hunters using hired shotguns as part of a line of 8 guns. 200 bird day

09:00  Safety talk by the head keeper

c.09:30 – c.11:00  2 drives

c.11:00  Elevenses

c.11:30  1 drive

c.13:00  Cooked shoot lunch

c.14:30  1 or 2 drives (dependent on the bag count and the weather)

c. 15:30 – 16:00 Shooting ends

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If you’d like to book a driven pheasant hunting trip to Scotland, please get in touch as soon as possible. We are taking bookings at the fastest rate we’ve ever seen in our 13 year history, so act now before we become fully booked!

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