Hunting & Shooting Holidays in Scotland

River & Green offer the best tailor-made hunting & shooting holidays in Scotland. Deer hunting and wing bird shooting  in Scotland attract sportsmen and women from all over the world. The popularity of hunting in Scotland is due to the quality of the sport, the history, the tradition and the landscape. At River & Green we can arrange;

    • Driven pheasant & partridge (groups of 6-9).
    • Walked-up mini-drives (groups of 4-6).
    • Rough shooting (groups of 2-4).
    • Deer stalking.

The diverse and dramatic natural environment of Scotland provides spectacular opportunities for every type of game shooting. In a sense, the choice of game determines the setting and the scenery. From duck and goose in the estuarine setting of the Solway Firth, to driven pheasant in the rolling hills of Perthshire, to deer stalking in the rugged Highlands; Scotland has it all.

There is so much more to  hunting in Scotland than just the sport. There is a richness of culture and a sense of tradition which you simply cannot find anywhere else in the world. By tailoring every detail of our holidays to each individual client’s needs our holiday packages help you to experience Scotland’s culture and unique traditions to the full.

Over the years we have developed an extensive network of contacts within sporting estates throughout Scotland. Through our network of contacts and our experience in the field we are able to offer the very finest variety of shooting for a diverse range of species;

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  • Pheasant
  • Pigeon
  • Duck
  • Roe deer
    Sika deer
    Red deer

We can provide;

  • game licences
  • shotgun and rifle visitor permits
  • gun hire
  • working dogs

“For me this was the best rough shooting I have had in Scotland. I will never forget these days.”

B. Bauer, Germany

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