Scottish Fishing and Hunting Seasons Timeline

We often get asked about the fishing and hunting seasons in Scotland, so we’ve put together a useful timeline with all the key dates.

As you can see, the seasons are not 100% straight forward (especially the fishing seasons), so do feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

We’ve also highlighted a few of the “best” times to visit in terms of the best fishing / hunting or the best combination of sports available, but these are just our personal suggestions.

No matter what time of year, River & Green are experts in providing the very best sport available throughout Scotland.

  • 15th January

    River Tay Salmon Season Opens

    river tay salmon season opens

  • 01st February

    Pheasant, Partridge, Duck, Goose, Hind & Doe Hunting Ends

    01st February

  • 01st February

    Rivers Tweed, Dee & Teith Salmon Seasons Open

    river dee salmon season opens

  • 11th February

    River Spey Salmon Season Opens

    11th February

  • February 20th

    Woodcock Season Closes

  • 25th February

    River Annan & Nith Salmon Seasons Open

    25th February

  • End of February

    Grayling Fishing Ends

  • 15th March

    Brown Trout Season Opens (except for north of Scotland)

    brown trout season 15th march

    15th March

  • March 29th (roughly, no closed season)

    Pike Fishing Starts

    pike fishing season

  • April - End Of May

    Peak salmon fishing (period 1 of 2)

    spring salmon fishing scotland

    April - End Of May

  • 01st April

    Roe Buck Season Opens

    highland perthshire roe buck

  • 01st April

    Brown Trout Season Opens In The North Of Scotland

    brown trout fishing season opens north of scotland

    01st April

  • 01 May - End of September

    Peak Brown Trout Fishing

    best trout fishing Scotland

  • 15th May

    Grayling Fishing Begins

    grayling season 15th May

    15th May

  • End of May

    Sea Trout Fishing Begins

    end of may sea trout fishing begins

  • 01st June - Early July

    Peak Sea Trout Fishing

    peak sea trout season

    01st June - Early July

  • 01st July

    Red Deer & Sika Stag Seasons Open

    01st July Red deer stag season opens

  • August 01st

    Fallow Buck Season Opens

    Fallow buck hunting season opens 01st July

    August 01st

  • August 12th - "The Glorious 12th"

    Grouse Season Opens

    wing shooting in Scotland grouse walked

  • Mid August

    Roe Buck Rut

    mid august roe buck rut Scotland

    Mid August

  • End of August

    Sea Trout Fishing Ends

  • September - 30th November

    Peak salmon fishing (period 2 of 2)

    best fall salmon fishing Scotland

    September - 30th November

  • 01st September

    Partridge, Duck & Goose Seasons Open

  • 30th September

    Rivers Spey & Dee Salmon Seasons Close & Trout Season Closes

    30th September

  • 01st October

    Pheasant Season Opens

  • 01st October - 20th October

    Best Time For Combined Fishing & Hunting

    Red deer stags, sika stags, fallow buck, roe buck, pheasant, partridge, duck, goose, grouse, salmon & trout all in season!

    01st October - 20th October

  • 15th October

    River Tay Salmon Season Closes

  • 31st October

    River Teith Salmon Season Closes

    31st October

  • 05th - 15th October (roughly)

    The Red Stag Rut

  • October 20th

    Stag & Buck Seasons End

    October 20th

  • October 21st

    Deer Hind / Doe Seasons Open

    hind stalking season opens

  • November - February

    Peak Grayling Fishing

    November to February best grayling fishing Scotland

    November - February

  • 1st Full Moon In November

    Woodcock Shooting Begins

  • 15th November

    River Annan Salmon Season Closes

    15th November

  • November 15th

    Pike Fishing Ends (all boats removed from water)

  • 30th November

    River Tweed Salmon Season Closes

    30th November

  • 31st November

    River Nith Salmon Season Closes

  • December 12th

    Grouse Season Closes

    December 12th

You’ll note that some of the seasons mentioned are a little less precise than others, this is because these seasons either don’t have a closed season (e.g. pike and other coarse fishing) or the official staking season runs for longer than stalking actually takes place for, e.g. fallow buck.

The BASC website is a good resource if you are interested in precise and official seasons, beyond what happens in practicality.

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