Can I book a summer 2020 holiday in Scotland?

Coronavirus has turned every one’s world upside down for the last few months and, if like us, you are desperate for a holiday, you’ll be wondering whether or not you can book a summer 2020 holiday in Scotland yet…….

Can I visit Scotland now for my summer 2020 holiday?

At the moment the answer is that, unfortunately, we’re not quite there just yet, as we anticipate that it will be a few weeks before the hotels, self-catering and B&B accommodations reopen.

As frustrating as that is for us, both as people who love getting out and enjoying Scotland and as a Scottish tourism business, we support the social responsibility of adhering to the Scottish government’s current “stay at home” message.

That being said, we also support the urgent need to recover the rural economy and tourism in Scotland and in this regard there is light at the end of the tunnel. It might not be quite the right time to visit Scotland for a summer 2020 holiday just yet, but now is finally the time to start planning a summer holiday in Scotland as the best holidays do take quite a bit of planning (don’t worry, we’ll do all the work, that’s what we are here for!).

Although the way is not clear for city breaks and tours, not yet at least; fishing, shooting, stalking and golf will be back on the agenda very soon. The Scottish Government have said that from 28th May restrictions will begin to ease allowing outdoor activities such as golf & fishing to resume.

Golf & fishing are both activities that share a common feature in that they can be pursued while naturally maintaining social distancing. Shooting & stalking share the same solitary aspects and so will almost certainly fall under the same category.

Social distancing tips for your sporting vacation & summer 2020 holiday in Scotland:


  1. Leave the pin in the hole
  2. Don’t share clubs
  3. As is normal in Scotland, walk the course, rather than use a cart
  4. If employing a caddy, disinfect and wipe down your clubs and bag, before and after play


  1. Salmon and trout fishing is a naturally self-distancing activity in any case. You can still enjoy the company of your ghillie and fellow anglers, simply maintain distance!

Shooting / stalking

  1. Shooting and stalking are very similar to fishing in that they allow for easy social distance by their nature, just stay slightly further away from you fellow guns than before
  2. The traditional indoor shoot lunch might have to be a little different on driven days, outdoor dining & packed lunches will be the order of the day
  3. Avoid handshaking on arrival at a shoot
  4. Tips should be paid in advance by bank transfer rather than given in a handshake at the end of the day

So for the moment, the responsible thing to do is to not travel to Scotland until the Scottish Government give the go-ahead (Scottish Government advice found here) however, this odd situation is not set to last for much longer (thankfully!). The Scottish economy is heavily dependent on tourism meaning that, in the near future, it will be in everyone’s interest to start welcoming visitors from across the world back to our beautiful country.

There will soon come a time when social responsibility means a gradual shift from focusing on protecting yourself and those around you to doing your part to help the economy recover. A sporting break or a summer 2020 holiday in Scotland allows you to do both.

Get in touch today to start planning your sporting break or summer 2020 holiday in Scotland