Wing shooting in Scotland 2018

Wing shooting in Scotland 2018

wing shooting in scotland 2018

With just over 2 months to go until the “Glorious 12th”, now is a good time to be booking up your wing shooting in Scotland trip for 2018. The 1st week of the grouse season is fully booked but we have spaces for 1 – 8 guns from the end of August until the end of September.

There is of course more to wing shooting in Scotland then just grouse shooting; the partridges begin to fly from the 01st of September and the pheasants kick off on October 01st, both of which continue all through the winter until the 31st of January. We can cater for single guns in the Scottish Borders and for 2 – 8 guns we have option in the Borders and in Perthshire.

If you are looking for a slightly more niche wing shooting in Scotland experience then we would heartily recommend woodcock shooting on the Isle of Skye. The woodcock only come over from Scandinavia after the 1st full moon in November and the rate at which they arrive is dictated by the weather on the continent, mainly how cold it is! Once the temperatures drop far enough, the woodcock head over to the (very relatively) warmer climbs of Scotland and by mid December the woodcock season is usually in full swing.

Alt Text Description Required fields are marked * WP Smush Smush Now! ATTACHMENT DISPLAY SETTINGS Alignment Link To http:// Size 2 selected Edit SelectionClear Insert into postWe have an estate on the Isle of Skye which we have been sending clients to for a number of years which provides excellent woodcock shooting in truly stunning surroundings (see pictures left and below from our recent summer holiday there). The estate is a centre for Gaelic culture and even has it’s own range of Gaelic whiskys and gins, meaning that not only do you get a wonderful shooting experience, you also come a away with a good knowledge of all things Gaelic!

If you are keen to get some wing shooting in Scotland booked in for this season we would strongly advise getting in touch as soon as possible as we are taking lots of bookings and we would hate to have to disappoint our clients!

For information either fill in one of our bespoke holiday forms (found here) or email