Last Chance to Hunt Stags In Scotland, 2014!!!

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Last Chance to Hunt Stags In Scotland, 2014!!!

Stalking is perhaps the purest of all field sports available in Scotland, there is nothing more exhilarating than successfully stalking a stag across the rugged, treeless hillsides of Scotland. With the help of an expert stalker clients can spend the day in the breath-taking countryside of the Scottish Highlands, pitting their hunting skills against the razor sharp instincts of Scotland’s most iconic creature, the red deer stag.

It’s now almost a month into the red deer stag season and Scotland’s stalking estates are coming up to the busiest and best time of the season. Stag stalking is normally booked many months or years in advance, as clients return to the same hill year after year and last minute availability is almost impossible to find. However, as River and Green is the preeminant provider of shooting and hunting in Scotland, we can find availability when others can’t. As we speak to the estates we work with on a daily basis, if there are stag stalking days available, we are the first ones to know about them. It is thanks to this regular communication and our extensive network of Estates that River & Green are probably the only agents in Scotland who are in a position to find availablility for hunting stags between now and the end of the season (October 20th).

If your dream is to spend a day stalking red deer stags in the Scottish Highlands this summer, then it is not too late! Contact us today and we will design a tailor-made stag stalking holiday in Scotland to suit your exact specifications, ensuring that your hunting experience in Scotland will be a memory that stays with you for the rest of your life.

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