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Red deer stag stalking, Hunting with hawks and sea fishing

Red stag stalking, Hunting with hawks and sea fishing


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Following on from the lovely roe buck photo last week here are a few more photos from our client’s recent trip to Scotland which included red deer stag stalking, grouse shooting on the 12th, hunting with hawks, sea fishing and roe buck stalking.

After a few days in the Scottish borders our clients headed up to Perthshire where they spent the afternoon with highly experienced falconer Stuart Milne. As can be seen from the photograph on the right, the Scottish weather was putting in quite a show with the wind and rain but despite this it was an excellent afternoon’s hunting.

After Pertshire the next stop was the Isle of Skye for an evening sea fishing on Friday 15th August with some excellent catches including the beautiful pollock (top left) caught by one of the ladies of the party. With our clients not being the type to let the pace slacken, Saturday morning was a relatively early start with the stalker from Eilean Iarmain Estate arriving at a bracing 08:30 am (although compared to Monday’s 05:15 start for the roe buck stalking 08:30 could be seen as a lie-in!)

The stalk was lead by expert stalker Scott Mackenzie which after a day of some challenging walking and stunning scenery resulted in the youngest client of the group getting his first red deer stag (pictured above).

We’d like to thank our clients for very kindly giving us permission to use their wonderful holiday snaps which serve to illustrate exactly the sort of uniquely Scottish hunting and fishing experience  that River & Green specialize in creating and delivering.

If you are interested in a trip to Scotland including any of the sporting activities featured above or indeed thinking of planning a more relaxed sort of holiday the don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information.