Plan your hunting holiday

 Plan your hunting holiday

Here’s what sets River & Green apart from the rest. We will organize your hunting holiday as you wish. If you want to hunt roe deer early in the morning, do some mixed hunting during the day, then deal with ducks in the evening… no problem! You tell us your dream, we will make it come true!

To find out the best time to hunt and for advice on hunting rules and etiquette in Scotland, consult the pages on ‘regulations’, ‘etiquette and tradition’ and ‘seasons’. Here are some key points that will help you plan your hunting holiday…


      • Driven hunting of pheasant or partridge; expect to pay £25 to £40/bird.
      • For grouse; expect to pay £800-1000/hunter/day for driven, £250-350 for walked-up and around £500 for dog hunting.
      • Driven hunting for small groups; expect to pay £20 to £30/bird.
      • Mixed hunting; expect to pay £120-200/day.
      • Roe deer stalking; expect to pay £120-200/day.
      • Stake hunting of red deer; expect to pay £200-400/day.
      • If you prefer to be accompanied by a driver, you will need to consider the cost of the driver and his accommodation, car, insurance and fuel. These costs add to the cost of your holiday by around £150-200 per day.


      • In Scotland we don’t usually go hunting on a Sunday.
      • Self-catering accommodation is always available from Saturday to Sunday only.


      • If you wish to bring your shotgun into the UK from Europe, you will need a European Firearms Pass and we will need a minimum of 45 days to obtain your UK Visitor Permit.
      • You will need to provide proof that you have public liability insurance worth at least £5 million.
      • Rifles can be rented.
      • You can bring dogs into the UK under the Pet Travel Scheme regulations.

In order for us to start the process of planning your holiday, please use the list of questions below to inform us of your wishes and needs. Whether you have only a rough idea of ​​what you would like to do or know exactly what you want to do, the more information you can give us the more efficiently we can plan the vacation of your dreams. Please note that we cannot include flights in our tailor-made or all-inclusive holidays.