Affordable Hunting in Scotland

Affordable Hunting in Scotland

Many people seem to think that shooting  and hunting in Scotland is the preserve of the super-rich and of those lucky enough to be born into landed wealth. While this may have been true in the past this is certainly no longer the case.

At River & Green we specialize in tailoring hunting holidays to the needs of individual clients and of course not all of our clients have unlimited budgets. Based on our years of experience here are a few tips of how to get the most sport for the best value.

1)      Timing

There are plenty of estates across Scotland which offer excellent quality but affordable hunting however they are very popular and get booked up early. To get the best value shooting or stalking it is helpful to plan your trip well in advance to ensure a days’ hunting at the best rates. Most game keepers review their prices on a yearly basis (usually in February/March) so it can save a good deal of money to begin the process of booking a hunting holiday for next season in around January before the inevitable prices rises are put into place


2)      Choice of game

Depending on the time of year of your hunting trip to Scotland there are a few hunting options that present excellent value for money. In the summer months a day of pigeon shooting can provide exhilarating sport on a relatively low budget. For those who wish to go stalking, roe buck provide an unforgettable experience for a fraction of the cost of stalking red deer stags. In winter the best shooting option is walked up shooting for mixed game (with the best prices being available on week days) perhaps combined with a few days of roe doe stalking.


3)      Accommodation

Scotland is famed for is beautiful castles and stunning 5 star hotels but these are of course rather on the expensive side. For the budget aware hunter Scotland’s wealth of excellent B&B’s offer the best solution. B&B’s in Scotland range from the simple and traditional to the modern and luxurious and the majority of them are excellent value for money with the added bonus of allowing visiting hunters to get to know the real people of Scotland.


4)      Airports

Scotland has 3 Major airports, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness and a good deal of money can be saved by choosing the Airport that is closest to the place of hunting. Petrol prices are high and the small roads that lead to rural estates can use much more fuel than many people expect so avoiding a long drive from the airport can avoid unnecessary expense.


5)      Transport

In the rural heart of Scotland public transport can be as elusive as a red stag on a foggy day so a hire car is absolutely essential. Most airlines have reciprocal arrangements with certain hire car companies, check with your airline before you fly to find the best hire car deals.


6)      Contact Us!

At River & Green we are all practicing sportsmen and women, over the years we have developed close personal relationships with sporting estates, B&B’s, hotels and castles across the country and so are in a unique position to get the best deals available. Our wealth of experience means that, whatever your budget, we can provide you with an unforgettable hunting break in Scotland