Affordable Hunting and Fishing in Scotland

Affordable Hunting and Fishing in Scotland

It is a common myth that it is not possible to find affordable hunting and fishing in Scotland and that these sports are the exclusive preserve of the wealthy or the titled. In reality, the opportunity to shoot game, stalk deer or fly-fish in Scotland is open to all, regardless of budget and experience.

As with all services and commodities, with traditional fieldsports it is generally the case that “you get what you pay for”. However, this does not mean that if you pay a small amount you get poor quality. Selecting the right activities and venues to suit your budget is all about “value” rather than cost.

To exemplify my point, let us consider two broadly similar requests but with different design solutions to meet two very different budgets. So, the request is for one person to experience the following;

Two days of wing bird shooting, combined with one day of salmon fishing and two rounds of links golf

The High Budget sporting itinerary might look like this;

A day of shooting grouse over pointers

Joining a line of 7 other guns for a day of driven pheasant on a 300 bird day

A day of fly-fishing for salmon on the Sprouston beat of the River Tweed

One round of golf at Muirfield and a second round at Kingsbarns

Approximate total cost: £3,500

The Low Budget alternative itinerary could be;

A day of mixed game, walked up shooting

A day of shooting wood pigeon over decoys

A day of salmon fishing on the River Isla

One round of golf on the Eden Course, St Andrews and a second round on Balcomie Links

Approximate cost: £850

This simple comparison shows that what is really important is that when we are designing your ideal hunting, fishing or golf holiday in Scotland we need to enter into a dialogue with you the client. We need to fully appreciate not only your budget constraints but also your aspirations for your trip to Scotland. It is by virtue of our unique combination of experience, knowledge and contacts, in all the areas of traditional Scottish fieldsports, that we are able to tailor our offering to meet and hopefully exceed your highest expectations.