4 good reasons to come fly-fishing in Scotland

There are many more than four good reasons to go fly-fishing in Scotland, but some reasons are better than others.

Wing shooting in Scotland 2019

Wing shooting in Scotland 2019


Wing shooting in Scotland is one of the most frequent requests we get from our international clients and one which we are always delighted to assist with. There are various different types of wing shooting in Scotland, from wood pigeon shooting to driven grouse shooting, there is something to fit all budgets and preferences. Below are the available options, their seasons and locations etc. (in descending order based on price)

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Summer salmon fishing vacations in Scotland

Summer salmon fishing vacations in Scotland

Summer vacations in Scotland are not normally promoted alongside warnings about maintaining hydration and the importance of liberal applications of factor 30 sunscreen, but 2018 has not been a normal year. Following on from a very hard, persistent and late-arriving winter, spring was relatively short-lived. Then arrived summer.

summer 2018 vacations in Scotland

The spring run, which has been improving on several of our rivers, is facilitated by the tail-end of the winter bringing fresh rain and usually quite consistently high river levels. As the temperatures slowly rise, the levels are further augmented by snow melt in the Highlands. As a result, the Scottish Atlantic salmon fishing is good from mid-March into May.

Similarly, the autumn run of Scottish salmon is initiated by low pressure cells sweeping in from the west, bringing with them the cooler temperatures, wind and rain. With the seasons seeming to come later than in the past, this autumn run is manifest by increasing numbers of fish entering the Scottish river systems from mid-September, through to the end of the season.

So what then of the summer? In the usual course of things, the Scottish summer can best be described as generally frustrating. Just as three consecutive days of relative warmth prompt us to declare that summer has finally arrived, the rain moves in, the wind picks up and the jackets are retrieved from the back of the wardrobe. However, it is this very pattern of unpredictability with the weather that gives cause to celebrate Scottish salmon fishing in the summer months.

Sadly, 2018 has seen the hottest temperatures and driest conditions in over 50 years. This has resulted in abnormally low river levels across the country. On the Spey in particular, we are seeing parts of the riverbed which haven’t been previously exposed in perhaps a hundred years! And the effect on the fishing has been significant.

Without freshets of water pushing into the estuaries, the salmon are not induced to leave the sea. Instead, they will follow in on the incoming tide, test the estuarine conditions and then fall back as the tide ebbs, unconvinced that the river is capable of providing safe passage to the redds. This daily prevarication provides a bonanza for the legions of seals lying in wait. The urgent need to control seal numbers has never been made more obvious than by the experience of this summer of 2018.

fishing vacations in Scotland

Brexit up to 10% Discount Hunting, Fishing & Golf

10% Brexit Discount Hunting, Fishing & Golf


With the shock of the Britain’s exit from the EU beginning to sink in, now is the perfect time to book a discount huntingfishing or golfing break in Scotland. The Pound has fallen to an historic low against the Dollar and has also fallen sharply against the Euro meaning that if you book a holiday in Scotland now you will benefit from an automatic 5 – 10% reduction in the cost of your holiday. Hurry, before the markets stabilise!
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Deer Hunting in Scotland

Deer Hunting in Scotland

 red deer hind hunting in scotland deer hunting in Scotland 2015 hind red deer hunting in scotland

It’s been almost 2 weeks now since the season for deer hunting in Scotland came to an end but already thoughts are turning to next years hunting season. It will be a few months before the quota’s for next year are worked out however the time for planning your next hunting trip begins today! Read more

luxurious hunting trip to Scotland – Abbotsford House

Luxurious hunting trip to Scotland – Abbotsford House

River & Green are currently offering our clients the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious hunting trip to Scotland that is steeped in history and tradition.

Guests will have the opportunity to stay in the Hope Scott Wing of the world famous Abbotsford House, the home of Sir Walter Scott and to shoot pheasant and partridge (dependent on dates) over one of the finest shooting estates in southern Scotland.

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Scottish Malt Whisky and Traditional Scottish Fieldsports

Malt Whisky and Shooting in Scotland

Scottish Malt Whisky and Traditional Scottish Fieldsports;The Perfect Blend

We are delighted to formally announce a new and exciting collaboration between River & Green and Black Stag Trading; Scotland’s leading purveyors of casks of single malt whisky.

Black Stag, headquartered in Edinburgh, offer the opportunity for people from around the world to connect with their Scottish heritage through their innovative cask whisky membership scheme. In essence, purchasers can select from a reserved list of luxury malt whiskies which can then be held in cask in a bonded warehouse and allowed to mature over time; in taste as well as value!

Malt whisky scotland

Both companies recognize that Scotland is not just a place of lochs, glens and mountains. To many, Scotland is a destination of ancestral connection and immense personal significance. For many, there is a longing to reconnect with their Scottish heritage. It is in this respect where the ethos of both River & Green and Black Stag Trading are so perfectly aligned.

Furthermore, when something is so special, we recognise that we have a responsibility to provide services which are both uniquely personalised and of the highest quality standards. Together, we are able to offer our clients an incomparable and lasting, truly Scottish experience. Hunting, shooting, fishing and golf trips, combined with investment in rare, luxury malt whisky, provides experiences and tangible assets which will mellow and enrich in both the memory and the cask for many years or decades into the future.

We invite you to visit Black Stag’s website at; http://blackstagtrading.com/

The Black Stag membership scheme comes with many complimentary features including

– Days of stag stalking, golf on classic Links courses or salmon fishing

– Discounts on River & Green holidays

– Newsletters

– Distillery tours

– Overnight accommodation at one of Edinburgh’s luxury hotels

– Authentic conferring of Scottish titles

– Annual Dinner, for you and a guest with the chance for you to personally taste the maturing malt from your very own cask.

– Invitations to exclusive events at the Coleburn distillery on Speyside

– Rare whisky tasting

– Free attendance to Black Stag Trading’s whisky investment seminars around the world

– Access to the Malt Whisky Society

– Investment Reports

– Official Black Stag certificate and embossed membership cards

River & Green designs and delivers premium quality sporting breaks and holidays in Scotland for discerning sportsmen and sportswomen from around the world. All of our itineraries are completely bespoke; designed to meet and exceed the individual requirements of each client.

Malt Whisky and fishing Scotland

Stalking and Shooting in Scotland 2014

Stalking and Shooting in Scotland 2014

shooting in scotland 2014

As August swiftly rolls into September the red deer stag stalking season in Scotland is now well and truly in full swing. For those of you who haven’t managed to get out onto the hill so far this year or are perhaps thinking of planning a trip next year we thought we’d share this lovely photo from our recent client’s day stalking red deer stags on the isle of Skye.

The clients shown in the picture above also had a glorious day’s grouse shooting on the 12th August (pun absolutely intended) despite the wind meaning the grouse were flying at quite a considerable rate of knotts!

If the picture above is inspiring you to take a break in Scotland in the next couple of months then we have an excellent choice of sport on offer. There is still some (very limited) availability for red deer stags as well as a good number of walked up grouse days to be had.

As September approaches our thoughts are beginning to turn to the prospect of the beginning of Scotland’s pheasant season 2014 (only 1 month and 2 days to go!). We have a selection of walked up and driven pheasant shooting days on offer  from the 01st of October including availability for full lines of up to 8 guns as well as partridge, pigeon and mixed bag days walked up days available from the 01st September onwards.

If you are interested in a shooting, stalking, fishing or mixed sporting holiday in Scotland then don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more.

Red deer stag stalking, Hunting with hawks and sea fishing

Red stag stalking, Hunting with hawks and sea fishing


hunting scotland

Following on from the lovely roe buck photo last week here are a few more photos from our client’s recent trip to Scotland which included red deer stag stalking, grouse shooting on the 12th, hunting with hawks, sea fishing and roe buck stalking.

After a few days in the Scottish borders our clients headed up to Perthshire where they spent the afternoon with highly experienced falconer Stuart Milne. As can be seen from the photograph on the right, the Scottish weather was putting in quite a show with the wind and rain but despite this it was an excellent afternoon’s hunting.

After Pertshire the next stop was the Isle of Skye for an evening sea fishing on Friday 15th August with some excellent catches including the beautiful pollock (top left) caught by one of the ladies of the party. With our clients not being the type to let the pace slacken, Saturday morning was a relatively early start with the stalker from Eilean Iarmain Estate arriving at a bracing 08:30 am (although compared to Monday’s 05:15 start for the roe buck stalking 08:30 could be seen as a lie-in!)

The stalk was lead by expert stalker Scott Mackenzie which after a day of some challenging walking and stunning scenery resulted in the youngest client of the group getting his first red deer stag (pictured above).

We’d like to thank our clients for very kindly giving us permission to use their wonderful holiday snaps which serve to illustrate exactly the sort of uniquely Scottish hunting and fishing experience  that River & Green specialize in creating and delivering.

If you are interested in a trip to Scotland including any of the sporting activities featured above or indeed thinking of planning a more relaxed sort of holiday the don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information.